Voluntary Tuition helps provide necessary resources for the school year. Your donations directly benefit Farallone View. 


During a traditional year, Voluntary Tuition helps fund Science, Art, Music & P.E., Ocean's Week, HEAL Garden, HEAL projects, clerical aid to assist our teachers and so MUCH MORE!

This year is definitely different. There aren't as many enrichment programs, because due to health concerns/county and state guidelines, there simply can't be. Even so, the PTO is still providing the Science program which includes take-home science kits, as well as stepping in where it can to provide programs and supplies to make your student's virtual learning as successful as possible.

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There are often years when our budget does not allocate for critical aspects of the education system at Farallone View. Voluntary Tuition helps provide and supplement the existing budget and fills gaps that are not federally or state funded.

Last year we took an unexpected financial blow. One entire fundraising event, our annual Jog-a-thon, did not happen. That alone was a $20,000 loss. Our year's expenses were covered, but our reserves were tapped. Without help, we will be unable to fund the supplemental enrichment programs that our students look forward to when everyone returns to a normal in-person school year in 2021/2022. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Voluntary Tuition

Q: Does the money stay at Farallone View or does it go to the district?

A: All the money raised through Voluntary Tuition stays at Farallone and is used to pay for the enrichment programs at Farallone View and numerous other supports and improves on campus.

Q: Do I have to pay?

A: No, there is no requirement to pay Voluntary Tuition. However, the school and students rely on the funding to pay for all the enrichment programs at Farallone View.


Q: What if I can't afford it? Can I give less?

A: The amounts are suggested based on actual costs to fund all programs for the school year. If you cannot afford the suggested amount, pay what you can. There is also an option to make monthly installments. 

Q: Does it only cover my child?

A: All money is pooled to ensure all students have access to the enrichment programs.


Q: May I sponsor more students?

A: You can sponsor as many kids as you would like. 40% of Farallone View’s student body is eligible for reduced lunch, meaning many families may not be as capable of donating the full amount to cover their kids. We depend on the generosity of family, friends, employers, and the community at large to fund Art, Science, Music, the Heal Program, PE, and much more. 


Q: Why do you do this?

A: Enrichment programs contribute to the well-rounded education of Farallone View students. They provide exposure and hands-on exploring generally not provided in the classroom setting. Enrichment programs help foster a lifetime love of learning.


Enrichment programs at Farallone View consist of: Art with Ms. Reiss; hands-on Science with Ms. Kaia; PE with Ms. Kaia; Music with Ms. Kitty; or time in the Heal garden.


Without Voluntary Tuition, students and parents would be asked to fundraise in other ways, such as hawking goods several times a year.


Q: What if some families can't pay? Do their students get excluded?

A: No child is excluded from the enrichment programs.


Q: When do I pay?

A: The Voluntary Tuition drive starts at the end of August and runs through the middle of September; however, donations are accepted all year.  


Q: Is the PTO tax-exempt ID?

A: Yes, Friends of Farallone PTO is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation registered under the Federal Tax ID number 94-3207340.


Q: Won't Measure M cover the costs of these programs?

A: In 2018, voters approved Measure M to repair and upgrade Coastside schools. By law, bond funding can only be used for facilities and cannot be used for academic programs or to retain teachers.