Continent Day


Who hasn't wanted to circumnavigate the globe? Year by year at Farallone View, our students take another step towards completing that very journey. By the time they graduate, they will have explored almost every continent on Earth!

How does it work? Each classroom chooses a country, custom, or unique quality related to the year’s selected continent and sets to work creating a hands-on learning experience to share with the entire school. “Passports” are handed out to students to record their “travels”, and they are given the entire morning to visit countries in the selected continent.  Parent volunteers are a key part of this experience and have been known to learn a thing or three themselves!  

South America - 2021

Africa - 2022

Australia - 2023

North America - 2024

Asia - 2025

Europe - 2026



Continent Day will continue this year at Farallone View! To make sure it runs smoothly and fits within the four pillars, we’ve put together a few notes for consideration in planning for 2021. 


The Plan: 

Each class group will be rotating through the classrooms for a set amount of time, instead of students visiting the classes freely. During the time they spend in the class they will be participating in a parent volunteer-led activity. Each student will sanitize his/her/their hands upon entry to each class, and the desks/surfaces will be sanitized by parents after each group leaves.


  • Continent Day will take place on Tuesday, November 9th, with the classroom set up on November 8th.


  • Country and activity need to be submitted to the PTO by October 15th.  


  • Please plan for ONE craft or activity; outdoor activities are encouraged with an indoor backup plan in case of poor weather. With enough supplies for the whole school to participate (170 students.)  


  • Please no food as part of the classroom visits this year. Instead, we encourage your homeroom class to provide a commercially, pre-packaged regional food that can be enjoyed at lunch or at home.  


  • Please plan classroom decorations! So much of the fun of Continent Day is the immersive experience. Get creative, but please be mindful of surface sanitation and 3-foot distancing.  


  • The activities should be planned for 15min increments/class. The entire class will be participating at one time. 


  • One big difference this year: Family members will not be able to attend Continent Day 2021. We will have a volunteer taking lots of pictures and videos -that will be shared with parents later. 


  • There will be 2-4 pre-screened volunteers per class. All volunteers must pre-register with the office and provide proof of vaccination 


The goal of Continent Day is to give kids a taste of the world, to inspire them to learn more and seek out other cultures, foods and arts. They aren’t going to leave Continent Day 2021 experts of Tierra Del Fuego - but they might leave wanting to know more. 


This spirit of inspiration should be kept in mind and will make this a joyful experience for everyone. 


Thank you, Parents!!