Join our second annual Move-A-Thon
Monday, February 7th-Sunday, February 13th

Get ready...get set...Go!

The 2nd annual Move-A-Thon is just around the corner! This is a super fun virtual event and a great way for the kids to be involved in fundraising for their own school.


Why should we be pumped for the Move A Thon?! The funds raised through this event help directly pay for Science, Music, PE, Art, and more in our school.


How does it work?:

  1.  We have created a personalized web page for EVERY student (and any teacher who wants to participate). Through a partnership with 99 pledges. The PTO will send a link to the personalized page to all families.

  2. Students can track their daily minutes, from February 7th - 13th, by filling out this Google form every day.

  3. At the end of the month, the PTO will award a prize to every student that participates. Additional prizes will be awarded for the following categories: 

    1. For each student who hits a fundraising goal of $100

    2. Most money raised by a grade

    3. Most money raised by an individual

    4. Most minutes moving by a grade

    5. Most minutes moving by an individual


The Big Week: Kickoff day is Monday, February 7th! Students will get to participate in a fun outdoor sporting circuit and learn all about the Move-A-Thon. All students (and families!) will be encouraged to walk, run, jump, skip, bike, surf, hike and beyond this week. Each completed activity will be recorded and tallied. 


Please support your kids in this endeavor and be sure they stretch before and after each activity!